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Half marathon tips?

Hi, I’ve just started to take running seriously this year and I’m June I ran my first 10km in 1 hour 15 mins. That’s the longest I’ve ever run but I have now signed up for a half marathon for December. Does anyone have any tips at all for a beginner?...

Hello fellow sportsmen and sportswomen

I'd like to say hello - as suggested when I first read about this hub. My name is Dustin, I'm located in western Europe and am sort of addicted to all kind of sporty activities. I mostly cycle, though. Three weeks ago I started running for the first ...

Any CrossFitters around?

Hi Everybody, it's a pleasure to be here in this new community hub. I see it's based on Khoros, which is really a cool community platform, well done on the choice!My name is Christian and I post from Italy... every morning I do CrossFit and I love St...

pezzin by Mt. Kenya
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Looking to connect with cyclist via Indoor workouts

Hello, I currently have an indoor trainer, but it gets quite boring. I am looking to voice chat with people during rides to keep each other motivated. I have tried zwift and I really like the platform, but I found many of the voice chatrooms empty.  ...


Hi there!I am excited about this new awesome community feature!I am an avid long distance runner and just completed my latest half marathon race at 1h44. I mainly run in the foothills of The Rocky Mountains in Alberta. I love Strava. It’s amazing. I ...

RonC by Shkhara
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How do you cope with winter?

Hi All,Just wondering how people cope with winter?   If you cycling you add mudguards, change tyres, change bike?Personally I add mudguards to my Roubaix but if it gets really horrid I change the wheel set on my trusty CAAD X gravel bike so that can ...

BryanC by Pico de Orizaba
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1000km on Zwift

... and that in one piece.That's my plan for December 2nd and 3rd at the Bike24 store in Berlin.And all for a good cause, namely clean drinking water in East Africa.If you want to know more' or want to ride your own time...www.maazel.dehttps://ruhrri...

Maazel by Mt. Kenya
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