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Run Training using Power Zone

Hello Everyone,   We all know and understand how to run using the following: Percieved Essertion EffortPaceSpeedHeart Rate Zone And in most cases we use the above metrics in combination however, does anyone have any comprehensive content on how to tr...

Bax by Mt. Kenya
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Create a New Segment

Hi.  I've just tried to create a new segment; the correct screen flashes up then disappears to a 'blank profile' sort of screen with no options.  I've created many segments in the past and this is the first time this problem has occurred.  Any ideas?...

Subscription Fee Increase

So I have been a subscriber for over 10 years and I got my email from Strava this announcing an inflation busting pricing increase. The justification that the price has largely remained unchanged (well only if 100% increase over the years counts as u...

How do I share a public segment with others?

I have looked all over and still can't figure this out. I created a segment, made it public, and would like to share this with friends. How do I do this?? I'd like to send them a link but don't see how I can do this.

cheer by Mt. Kenya
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Around the Bay Race Registration Transfer- March 24 2024

Hey everyone! I'm looking to transfer two registrations for Around the Bay this year! My running buddy and I have had a rough few months and have not been able to train properly and we don't want to defer. Does anyone want to buy our registration off...

Resolved! I'm being targeted for flagging by a rider.

Hi.I started riding on Strava seriously this week after getting some upgrades for my bike, and I was surprised i managed to nab some KOMs. They weren't impressive, but I was happy. Only issues - they were both from the same guy, and everytime I beat ...

BSeraph by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! IOS app bug

Does any one facing app freezing issue in ios app, there are multiple scenario  where it freeze like 1 .while searching athlete.2. while scrolling notification.

Chandan by Mt. Kenya
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Tuesday Chat With Team Strava - Spotlight on Sydney

Welcome back to another edition of our series called Tuesday Chat with Team Strava!   This week, we wanted to introduce you to Sydney Gidabuday, an amazing Strava colleague and an American distance runner who runs for the professional running team Ro...

Sydney.png Sydney 3.png Sydney 3 (2).png Sydney 4.png
Lola by Moderator
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High Mileage

Although I have not set a goal, are there any runners that might be interested in running and recording high mileage as a club/group on Strava, it can be a weekly, a monthly or a yearly total.

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