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Camp Strava 2024: New Features Revealed!

Hey Hub Members!! Have you heard of Camp Strava? Camp Strava is an annual event gathering of incredible athletes, explorers, community builders, event organizers and world-class brands that drive movement across the globe. New product features are an...

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Welcome to the Community - May 2024 Edition

Happy May and thanks for stopping by! Our Community Hub continues to thrive thanks to each and everyone of you. If you’re new here, please take a look around; there’s a lot to take in. Not sure where to start? Check out this post.  May brings us a nu...

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Clicking on routes?

I’ve had Strava for at least a year and I always wondered why you couldn’t click on routes on the maps tab it just sends you to a buy membership thing, I think it would be cool if that was part of the base of Strava since all your doing is looking at...

2Josh4U by Mt. Kenya
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Live coaching Capabilities?

Is it possible to have live coaching in strava, maybe as we're going through different segments or when our heart rate is at a certain point? Would love to have this for interval training.Not as big of a fan of nike run club anymore so hoping this is...

Resolved! Premium customer getting zero support and cannot log into account

I am not sure how many more emails or tweets I can send until I get one response from you guys? What is the point of paying for a service I cannot use?I tried logging into my strava account but it seems I was locked out and I'm not receiving the rese...

SergDog by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Changing email

I have submitted two tickets to customer support regarding changing my Strava account to my new email, but I have not received a reply in three days. Could customer service attend to my request as soon as possible? The ticket numbers are #2907191 and...

Map Changes Hurting Usability

Hello Strava Community,I’m reaching out to express my concerns regarding some of the recent changes to Strava’s map features, particularly focusing on the Global Heatmap color update that occurred a few days ago.The recent update changed the color of...

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EAC_iv by Shkhara
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Resolved! Weekly total always 0.02 higher than when I add up each activity

Hi, I was wondering if someone would be able to advise.  According to my weekly summary I have so far ran 22.56km, but when I add up each activity i have done this week it comes to 22.54km. With this in mind I decided to check the last few weeks and ...

Jay81 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Unable To Login To My Primary Strava Account !

Hi Team,Can someone help me with the issue which I'm facing currently while logging to my Primary account.I have created ticket for the same 2905355 but did not receive any response. Due to which I have to create another account so as to raise ticket...

Vijay by Mt. Kenya
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