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Hello fellow Athletes and activity trackers!

Mt. Kenya

Hello Stravarites! Like most of you (i'm sure), i'm a long term Strava user across multiple sports and activities including running, hiking, cycling, E-Mountainbiking, Analogue Mountainbiking etc.

I have recently begun tracking a new activity.. ELECTRIC FLIGHT!

As a part of my pilot journey, learning to fly in an ELECTRIC recreational aircraft, i have started logging my E-FLIGHTs with Strava. I'm hoping Starva can accommodate me and other electric aviators with an E-FLIGHT activity category soon so we can fine-tune our clubs and growing community of zero-emissions aviators.

I'd love you see your comments or Kudos on some of my routes and images from the sky!


Moderator Moderator
Hello !

Welcome to the Community Hub and thanks for introducing yourself and telling us about your passion for such a variety of sports! We understand that practicing a new activity like Electric Flight is incredibly exciting and that you want to share it with your followers and friends, as well as to track it on Strava.

Right now, we aren’t exploring the possibility to add motorized sports on Strava. In the meantime, we advise you to use “workout” as the sport type for your flights, so you’re not compromising the integrity of the cycling segment leaderboards. Our uploading guidelines state the following:
1. Non-Traditional Bikes
The Segment Leaderboards for cycling are a place for conventional bicycles only, so that the top Seg...
Uploading data from a car, motorcycle, e-bike, velomobile, motor-assisted bike, motor-paced ride or ...
We kindly ask you to edit your E-flight activities to “workout” to rectify this and to avoid your account from being banned. We encourage you to continue to record all your activities and to utilize Strava as the center of your active lifestyle, respecting the guidelines.

Kudos for daring to try something new and for keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum! We appreciate your participation in the Community!

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Pico de Orizaba

A few of your flights were uploaded as bike rides.  You're gonna honk some people off if you start taking their KOM's that way. 

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