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Love sharing your Strava data? Or are you doing something fun with Strava data? We want to see it!

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Hello all! 

Have you ever done something cool with Strava data that you would like to share with the rest of the world? For example, using some interesting integrations or different ways to visualize your training data. Or maybe showing off those amazing achievements in some interesting ways? 

We would love to understand when athletes are interested in sharing their data off Strava app. We would also love to see any examples of fun stuff you are doing with your data and how you represent your activities outside of Strava.

Let us know if you have any ideas and suggestions that come across when thinking about this. We would love to hear any suggestions you might have! 


STRAVA | Community Hub Team


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Hello @inoken, thanks for sharing this with us - this looks very interesting! What was the reasoning behind creating this dashboard - I would love to hear more about the need and idea behind it! Thank you.

STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hello, @Lola, thank you for your reply!

First, I started using stravaAPI to learn about the API and how to call it.
I was interested in visualizing the acquired data, so I started creating a dashboard using the current Strava web page as a reference.

I also enjoy creating various graphs and dashboards beyond the images pasted in my first post.



I am creating a dashboard using activity data retrieved from the Strava API.
Visualized using Microsoft PowerBI.


Hey guys,

I really liked your graphs, I didn't know it was possible to get old data from Strava, could you give more details on how you made these compilations?

Thank you very much.

Hello @Wirsão 

I am using stravaAPI to get my activity data.

If you find it difficult to use and develop APIs, you can also use bulk data export.

Please give it a try.
thank you.