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API : filter athlete activity by type


Hi everyone,

I’m working on a little dashboard to do some stats on my « bicycle to work » activities (i.e. global distance, fuel not used, etc) and I was wondering if there is a way to add a parameter to the getLoggedInAthleteActivities request so it only returns activities matching a specific type.

In my case it would by only cycling activities for example since I don’t use running or yoga activities to do my stats.

Thanks for your replies



Since it's not seem to be possible to filter activities by type for the moment, I created an idea request here

You can upvote it if you too this feature would help you !

Mount Logan

As you can get 200 activities at once I fail to see the big deal in getting unwanted activities with them.

Mt. Kenya

I dont think there's such param rn, I would just download all activities and filter locally by type or sport_type

That's already what I'm doing.

But it would be nice to prevent getting activities that I don't use at all.