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Athlete Capacity is 99 - this seems far too low


Hi there,

I've just received the e-mail confirming that my API submission was accepted. It was nice to read about the increased rates from 100/1000 -> 300/3000 however, it included that my Athlete capacity is only 99. Does this mean only 99 athletes can be connected to my application? Is this immediately effective? Do we know what the error response is when this cap is reached?

This honestly seems obviously far too low, so I'm really concerned about it, and I'm not sure I understand how I am supposed to manage "unconnected" athletes, is that even possible?

My application is a visualization app, so people will use it once and then forget they've ever authorized.

From the e-mail:

Moving forward, here’s what you can expect for your app:

Overall Rate Limit: allows for 600 requests every 15 min, with up to 6,000 requests per day
Read Rate Limit: allows for 300 requests every 15 min, with up to 3,000 requests per day
Athlete Capacity: 99