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Authentication with athletes has led to other problems...


SO, I was able to get my athletes to authenticate my application from which I could grab their activities through my app, BUT now the issue is that I can't seem to hit the club endpoint (where these athletes are also in) and grab their activities from the club page. Are these two things somehow related to each other? Would my acquiring access to their activities hinder my ability to grab the club activities in which their runs are? This has been a frustrating occurrence for me involving lots of debugging and a whole lot of questions surrounding access and authentication that doesn't really get covered in their documentation. Any help would be appreciated. 

Other thing I noticed is the service.getAccessToken() call doesn't seem to be getting a refreshed access token. It's using some old one.


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@reesmonty it's also possible that you may be running into an issue that has been flagged here that has occurred in the last 24 hours. 

If so, please note that we're actively working on a fix. 

Mount Logan

Once an athlete has authorized your app, you should be able to access any information they've authorized based on the scopes selected/approved. It would be helpful if you shared specific error messages you are seeing when trying to access the endpoints and the full URL you are using to hit that endpoint (with keys and other private data obfuscated of course)