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How To Create a Fitness Mobile App Like Strava?

I am interested in developing a fitness mobile application similar to Strava. I'm looking for guidance on the essential steps and technologies required to create such an app. Specifically, I would like to know about the key features, backend infrastr...

Resolved! Best practice for iOS app development

I've had a web based app working reliably against Strava APIs for many years - the app is using the Events API to get notifications about data changes which works really well.I've been considering doing a mobile app version but am interested to know ...

Event gets updated only sometimes

Hi! I'm trying to update the descrption of a event using the create webhook. I'm getting response 200 with the updated fields every time, but for some reason the change is only sometimes visible in the activity it self.Any pointers or ideas how to fi...

Django + server API app logic with Strava

Hi everyone,I'm a beginner programmer. I am writing my master's thesis on "The motivational impact of the Strava social network on users' sports results."I created an application in Django that processes tokens, gets athletes and the activities (+com...

Michalys by Mt. Kenya
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GET segment_efforts

Good morning,I'm trying to obtain the times of each user on a segment, but it's not being possible. Firstly, because if I have the user log in on my platform to exchange the access token, I get an error that only one person can be connected. So, I co...