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Resolved! invalid token exchange authorization codes?

So 99% of the time my token exchange process works just fine, but occasionally Strava responds with a "Bad Request" message.I've confirmed that each authorization request is accepted, and I receive a query string formatted as expected, looking like:"...

Cyril by Shkhara
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Resolved! How do I increase athlete limit?

Hello!I recently developed an app using the Strava API in my app.However, I have come to the realization that the app is limited to only one athlete. I am now wondering how I can expand these limitations to my cu...

Trying to Understand Strava Pace Plotting

Hey there, I've been comparing Strava's analysis of single gpx files to other platforms and something that appears to be quite striking is how the pace plots for an activity differ from those made on the same activity using alternative analysis tools...


One user doesnt get refresh token, others work

I have a webapp, user authorize and the webapp fetch segment efforts. But one of the user can authorize, all good,  my web can retrieve user information and saves this, but then the user doesnt get refreshtoken when webapp ask for it, response is Bad...

romaols by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Identifying workouts from SummaryActivity object

How would you guys recommend I try to identify runs that are workouts from the SummaryActivity object?For context: I have a group of athletes who've authenticated my app whose activities I poll to a Google Sheet via the Google App Script and I want t...

API scope

Im a new devloper and creating my first backend for a collage project, I would like to fetch data regarding from every user that uses my application. I have made an application to STRAVA, and gotten a read-scope, which cannot be used to fetch data fr...

Amir10EA by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Stuck in Single Player Mode

I've filled out two requests to be taken out of single player mode so I can launch my group run club app. No response from either, it's been a month and a half since the first request, and 2 weeks since the last request. I emailed Strava support and ...

Error getting access token and refresh token

I'm following this tutorial here, and the step at doesn't work for me. Specifically, it's the step where we have a "code" read:all access and we exchange it f...