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Resolved! Retrieve friends activities streams from API

Is there any way to get to the full activity stream from specific friends, from an API perspective? It seems like API:{id}/streams?keys=watts only works for your own activites.However, the full activity is av...

jbisson by Shkhara
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Resolved! Strava Real Time Location Data

My kids race mountain bikes and send me their strava beacon. I'm hoping to be able to pull their real time location data (and maybe their teammates) and put it on a map where the family members who are at the race can see where everyone is on the cou...

Resolved! Super Newb

Hello EveryoneLastnight i successfully set up my app using the Getting Started Guide. I was able to setup Postman and connect.  I used to OAuth and got the code and was able to view all my activities on Postman and on this Strava API tutorial.  https...

Implements new endpoints

I tried to use strava api with clubs, try to get events, and detailed information for club athletes, but is not possible, i was looking the endpoints that strava use in his page and i find some endpoints can fit this like

burgom by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Get all public segment data from local area

I want to create a data visualization personal project for fun. I want to make an interactive map to display public segment data. To compare personal times with others. Also to possibly highlight locals who have great times throughout the city (Im fr...

dannyJ by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Download all Photos of my own activities?

Hello, When getting an activity at `/api/v3/activities/9250597099` only the "primary" photo is returned. I have seen there is an endpoint `/api/v3/activities/9250597099/photos` but it only returns "placeholder" images.. Is there any way to retrieve ...

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 08.09.01.png
hpoul by Mt. Kenya
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Documentation of Strava deeplinks

Is there some list of deeplinks for strava that is supported (and parameters allowed)? For example, the following two exist   strava://record strava://record/new/start   with the latter immediately starting to record an activity.

kratsg by Mt. Kenya
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