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Resolved! APIs for Clubs and specifically Club Events

Hello! I was wondering if there are any plans to develop an API that would allow club owners to create events. The reason I'm asking is that I find myself in a situation where I have many past events that I would like to reuse for future club events,...

ezrahill by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Global Heatmap API

Hello,I've been developing the website which uses Leaflet to display various map types and allows for routing using a self-hosted Graphhopper service. I would like to incorporate Strava's global heatmap but have been unable to find...

Resolved! Webhook subscription UI

It would be great to be able to add a webhook subscription directly within now the overhead of having to implement the subscription programmatically from the client means we need a one-off Strava implementati...

Following athletes activities

According to the API docs, an app can only fetch information about the logged in athlete. It'd would be nice if there could be a way of reading the following athletes' activities. The same way, having a proper getClubActivitiesById would be helpful t...

paleloser by Pico de Orizaba
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frauds in uploaded activities???

Hey  We have been using Strava API since 2017 and organize hundreds of local sports and eco challenges, very often with prizes, e.g. from local authorities. Credibility of the data and fraud detection is though very important. We've experienced cases...

igorp by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Webhook unable to view/delete subscription

Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this but I will just go ahead: I am trying to set up a webhook to strava and followed this guide. I think I made a mistake when sending the request to the push_subscriptions endpoint and did not sav...

error403.png view_sub.png
Bready by Mt. Kenya
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How to get end date or calculate end date

Hi everyone! In the getActivity api response there is only start_date and no end_date. Currently I need to know the time when the most users finish their activity. i want to know exactly total time from start to end activity (moving time, elapsed_tim...

cris by Mt. Kenya
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Upload via api skips elevation computation

Good morning,I have a question about activity upload via api.I have a TCX file built manually, thus not coming from a device like Garmin. This file contains elevation data (<AltitudeMeters>...</AltitudeMeters>).If I try to upload this activity via ap...

Getting Strava computed location in the activity API

Strava calculates the nearest possible location of where an activity was performed. For example, if you ride your bike in a local state park, Strava is able to retrieve that information and add it next to the time and date of your activity. Is it pos...

nhc002 by Mt. Kenya
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