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Bad Request on refresh token

I have a Raspberry Pi with an e-ink display that shows my latest cycling stats: kilometers per year, month and a calculated projected total of kilometers for the entire year. Every hour the totals are updated. It has worked well for several months.  ...

Resolved! List Athlete Activities Limit

Hi there, i´m just trying out a bit the Strava API to explore whats possible. I recently stumbled across the endpoint to list all users activities. I have tried this myself, but found that there is a limit of retrieving only the last recent 200 activ...

chwunder by Mt. Kenya
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Wrong lap start_indexes and end_index

Hi, API sends strange laps data via getLapsByActivityId  for short activities (less than 5km) with incorrect start_index and end_index of each lap.For example, lap is equal 1km.API for it returns...

Aleksey by Mt. Kenya
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How can I get "code" and "scope" in Android?

      When calling to obtain the code and scope, pull up the page according to the Android Sample code in the document. Then click "Authorize" on the page and "Request Failed" will pop up like this:       When I...

OHealth by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Multiple subdomains for one account using the API

Hi, is there a way to authorise multiple subdomains for the API in the "Authorization Callback Domain" section ? Or add a comma separated list of domains ?For exemple I want to be able to authorise, and I just ...

hy0ug0 by Shkhara
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Resolved! Clarifications about integrate API

I want to integrate Strava api to my web application and any users can connect via my application and I want to get some information on connected users by using their access token.This is my requirement. I have few doubts listed below : 1.Is any opti...