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api gpx upload

I am making an app for the ios environment.The app supports Strava upload in gpx format.Most of the items you want are uploaded normally.However, Strava's Sport items will not be sent as desired.Below is an example.let params = ["name": StravaGPX_Tit...

bijory by Mt. Kenya
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Strava subscription whebhook on deauthorize

Hello,I use a subscription to webhook on my webapp and it works very fine, but i have a question about this use case:- a user in my app decides to deauthorize Strava.- i do some stuff on its account (unset stored data for this user like athlete id, t...

Resolved! Multiple subdomains for one account using the API

Hi, is there a way to authorise multiple subdomains for the API in the "Authorization Callback Domain" section ? Or add a comma separated list of domains ?For exemple I want to be able to authorise, and I just ...

hy0ug0 by Mt. Kenya
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Embedding Leaderboard not authorized

Our club uses the embed iframe html snippet to display our club's recent activity and leaderboard on our website. It was working great, but no longer dispalys any strava data, the frame is blank. Are embedded feeds no longer available?

Resolved! Permissions Error - please help!

A little bit of a programming noob here, so forgive my ignorance!I am trying to pull down my strava activities through a get request in python. I have gone ahead and authorized the API etc. with my app. The first time that i set up the authorization,...

Ideal flow for "Sign up with Strava"?

I have an app that is fairly integrated with Strava. I'd love to be able to have users create accounts via Strava directly, but it seems like the API doesn't expose email at all. This makes sense from a security standpoint, but it also makes the auth...

my by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! What does the Bike field in activities.csv mean?

I did a bulk export of my activity data the other day. The activities.csv file contains a numeric Bike field. Here's a little sample (I've already converted Distance to kilometers):"Activity Date","Activity Type","Kilometers","Bike""Mar 10, 2024, 6:0...

Skip by Shkhara
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Display map for real activity

Hi Developers,        I am want to show static image for the path of the activity done by strava users. Through strava api I get two polylines one is for summary and other is complete. Now how can I show the path using mapbox as I have used static ma...