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Beacon API

Mt. Kenya

I have developed an Android bike computer and my users wants to be able to send live location data to their family or love ones. Such that they can be tracked. Just like Strava Beacon function.

As the Strava Beacon function exists I would like to have an API which can be used to post live location data every x minutes/seconds if an activity is started. Such that the my users can use the beacon functionality of Strava. It would be nice if all Strava users can have a unique link which can be reused for each activity. Possibly with privacy settings options (public visible or only for Strava followers or only Strava Beacon followers e.g.)

Benefit for Strava is that users should be a Strava Subscriber to be able to use the function. So possibly more subscribers for Strava. Benefit for me is that I do not have to develop this kind of functionality.


Moderator Moderator

Hello Wassinkt,

Thank you for your post. Please note this feature is currently not supported via the API.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team

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