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Using the "explore segments" function

Mt. Kenya

I'm using Python to return the "explore segments" query and would like to know how the top-10 segments are chosen.

For example, in the Developers Playground it says that the GET explore segments, "returns the top 10 segments matching a specified query". How is "top-10" defined? Is it using the most popular segments in the geography boundary to search or some other designation?

How can I view all and not just the top-10 segments?

Also am I able to search for a segment using the detail that gets returned in the query instead i.e., distance, avg. grade, elevation gain, etc.? The query is very limited when just being able to search based on "the latitude and longitude for two points describing a rectangular boundary" and the "activity type" especially when I'm searching for a run segment so the climbing category is not relevant.



Mt. Kenya

I couldn't find how is the "Top 10" define, what characteristic is taken into account to classify the segments?

Moderator Moderator

Hey hbarn19174, thanks for your post. Take a look at our docs for the different parameters you can pass, such as climbing category, activity type, and location.

Also take a look at this article on the feature.


STRAVA | Developer Hub Team

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