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Webhook is called multiple times?

Mt. Kenya

Hi all, 

I've noticed that my webhook is called 3 times when an activity is added or edited. Any reason why this is? There's obviously only one webhook setup at the strava side. 

I see them in my server logs with something like 7 minutes between them. 

There are push notifications in my app based on information from the webhook, so now people are getting multiple notifications. 

What can I do to debug this? My server responds with an empty json response within the specified 2 seconds. 



Mt. Kenya

Thanks for the help. My app responds within 100ms so that's fine, and it's a HTTP 200. Tested it with postman and all is good. I'll e-mail them since there's no help from Strava so far whatsoever. 

Mount Logan

I'd start with dumping the contents of the webhook calls to see which event is being triggered and for which activities. Strava sends a webhook for create, update, and delete. That will help determine if they're truly duplicate calls or if each one is unique in some way. You should only see a single create call. Depending on how many apps an athlete has connected and how those apps work, you may see multiple updates to an activity. The update call shows the fields which changed which might give you some hints.

Assuming they are actually duplicate calls, the next thing I'd do is confirm that you really are sending an HTTP 200 response and not some other response code, and that it is happening within 2 seconds. You can check that by using cURL to issue a fake request to your server and checking the response code and timing. Strava has an example cURL call on the webhooks documentation page (

Finally, if you can confirm they are duplicates and you are sending an HTTP 200 response within 2 seconds, then I'd e-mail developers@strava to get some additional debug help.

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