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Why does not live downhill segments work?

Mt. Kenya

I wonder why any segments with the slightest negative grade does not work on live segments? I understand steep segments for safety, but I like to bike several segments that are quite long but with 0-5% negative grade. They are a bit up and down, but no steep or dangerous parts. None of these work with live segments because of the descent, but I can't understand why. I believe it used to work a while ago. 


Mt. Kenya

Of course it's tragic when accidents happen, but it's also sad that they are so afraid of lawyers that they shut down live segments. We all study the segments we are chasing and go for them anyway. I would say ut would be useful to now certain the start/end so you don't race more than necessary. We must be able to have a bit fun and take our own decisions. If they put a limit on -5/-10% descent it would at least work for a lot fun and safe segments...


I remember the early/glory days of segments.  Strava used to send you an automatic email "so and so just took your KOM on .....  Now get out their and show them who is boss!"....LOL 

Things got a bit intense for many.  Sad this person lost their life but honestly, they made their own decisions that day and I don't think it's right Strava be held accountable for an individuals action.  But we live in the good ol USA and lawyers gunna lawyer so you're not going to see much love on downhill segments from Strava.  🙂


Because strava are more concerned about liability than they are with providing robust features. You are correct, it used to work. Someone theoretically crashed chasing a segment and must have blamed Strava for it. Now we all pay the price.

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