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Resolved! garmin hrm-dual will no longer connect

My garmin hrm-dual stopped showing heart rate on strava.  I unpaired it but tried to pair again and it’s not showing up.  Have tried pairing it to strava on 3 different devices no luck.  It’s only6 month old. Is it still supported with strava?

sonjap by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Help - App and Devices used with Strava.

Think I've got things a little messed up - I use Strava, Apple Watch and a Garmin Edge 530 for my cycle rides but having loads of problems with duplications everywhere. Furthermore - todays ride (on Strava app and website) shows no heart rate data. H...

Resolved! Wrong activity duration on import from Apple Fitness

In the last couple of weeks I've noticed a problem with run data imported to Strava from Apple Fitness. Strava reports the distance correctly, but the time – both elapsed and moving – is too short, so the pace quoted by Strava is too fast. It's not t...

chazzo by Shkhara
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Resolved! Apple watch to strava

So I will be using an apple watch soon and really want to use apples running interface.  I understand that i can make it automatically sync the apple workout to a strava workout, but will the running route be placed in my strava workout as well? Than...

ebouch35 by Mt. Kenya
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