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Resolved! Samsung Watch 6 and strava

Hello,  I'm looking for a way to connect the health data of my samsung watch 6 with my strava account on my phone, in a way I can see my bpm per km for the activities I record. For now, even if I did connect my watch 6 with my strava account, I can't...

Resolved! Linking Strava to Peloton app

I have been unsuccessful getting these two apps connected. I made sure there were no existing Peloton accounts linked to Strava and the Peloton support team says the problem is on Strava’s end. Any ideas of what to try next?

Resolved! Heart Rate problems Strava / Apple Watch 6

Hi, I have a long standing problem which I've tweeted Strava support about but had nothing back.  I have Apple Watch Series 6, latest watch OS, iOS installed.  When I start an outdoor run on the watch's strava app, the heartrate recorded starts very ...

Resolved! Incorrect power meter data

I have a 4iiii power meter, and i have discovered that there is a discrepancy between the average power i displayed in Garmin Connect and Strava. On my last ride Garmin claimed 223W, while Strava claimed 167W (Not too big numbers... hehe). That 56W i...

Resolved! Moving time Apple workout not correct

Hello, I thanks since a few weeks strava doesn’t update the Moving time After sync workout. i use the Apple Watch and the workout running app to record my runs. When i’m done, i open the strava app and sync the workout. After few seconds the run is o...

Resolved! Strava workout Samsung Watch

On a regular basis my 30min to 60 min workout session syncs as only a few seconds when I finish the activity, despite the full session appearing on watch.I am using a Samsung Watch, I initiate and end the session in the Strava app on the Watch.. ther...

Jwalton by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Syncing routes from Garmin to Strava

I have a number of routes on my Garmin 1030+ device that I want to be able to see on Strava. (These appear in my 'saved routes' on the Garmin.) Is it possible to push these to my Strava subscription? And if so, how do I do it? 

Try looking into YEAR OF SPORT crashes (iphoneXPRO)

Tried several times this week to open my SPORT YEAR 2023 overview. it works the first 5 elements until the strava app crashes and shutdown. after the page „top 3% user“ i guess, that the next following page presents the 1st of my own data, but never ...

JBONT by Mt. Kenya
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