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Resolved! Galaxy Watch 6 Activity Missing

Hello! I went for a morning run today and my watch recorded the activity via the Strava app on my watch but it never synced to my Strava app on my phone. Under the Strava settings on my watch it says that there are no activities that haven't been syn...

Mias by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Samsung health doesn't synch to strava

Samsung health doesn't synch to strava anymore since about 9 days ago. Before it worked ok. I don't remember if there was an update for my phone.I have a Samsung watch 4The activity shows in Samsung health but doesn't synch to strava anymore. Deleted...

Resolved! Apple Watch and Strava not matching

Looking for some help…My Apple Watch says 8:55 minute miles, but then when I upload to Strava it says 8:27 minute miles, I ran with someone else who’s watch and strava say 8:55 minute miles. How can I fix this problem? 

Resolved! Samsung Galaxy 6 and Heart Rate Zone Alerts Disappeared

I've just attempted my second ever Zone 2 run which on a tech front was a bit of a fail. About 4 months ago i had tried the same zone 2 run and found the alerts when going out of zone 2 really useful. Today however I tried the same but for some reaso...

RMusk by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Mi fitness not syncing old data

I recently connected strava with my mi fitness app that i have been gathering ally training data in. It seems like i managed to connect with strava but non of my old training data has synced into strava. Any fixes on how to inport this data?

N3mla by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Huawei Band 9

when using Huawei Band 9, Huawei Health to strava, the record was different. it's very confusing.

Jozhua by Mt. Kenya
  • 2 replies
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