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Starred Segments not showing on Garmin Edge

Hi guys 'n gals, I really hope you can help me with this one as it is still causing me problems.There are a number of routes that when I go out and ride the starred segments don't show on my Garmin Edge. I have tried removing them, and then adding th...

Chris_R by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! QOM for rides I didn’t do

I’ve recently received several notifications for lost QOMs for rides I’ve never done. They’re even in states where I’ve never ridden.  The rides, however, don’t show up on my Strava history.  Any suggestions?

Resolved! Doubled accounts

Hey, suddenly my strava account has been 'doubled' all my rides are shared with another account and also uploaded there but it makes for difficulty trying to upload my rides to my account. Does anyone know how to fix this? You can check my strava: Fr...

Resolved! Importing from third party app (Gentler Streak)

Not sure if this is the right place to post but here I go:I sometimes use the wonderful Gentler Streak app to record some of my workouts. I cannot import these workouts in Strava although they appear in work-outs app. Some apps (like Workoutdoors) ha...

philipz by Mt. Kenya
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Improve Garmin sync (not editing both acitvitiies)

Would it be possible to improve the data import from Garmin? At the moment the fit file is transferred immediately, which means for me that I have to adjust the title twice (once Garmin once Strava), make corrections to the route twice (if needed), u...

Borp by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Installation file (.apk) for wearOS 2.xx

Hi everyone,unfortunately Strava has ended the support for older smart watches with Wear OS 2.xx.(Older? Hm... almost all smart watches except the new Samsung watches )I am using a Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS with wearOs 2.38 but the strava has still w...

Resolved! Moving time updates when you correct distance

Hi, Does anyone understand why when you use the 'Correct Distance' feature after posting an activity, it also updates your moving time? I use stryd for running which usually cuts off a bit of distance, but when I correct it my moving time and also av...

Resolved! Incorrect power meter data

I have a 4iiii power meter, and i have discovered that there is a discrepancy between the average power i displayed in Garmin Connect and Strava. On my last ride Garmin claimed 223W, while Strava claimed 167W (Not too big numbers... hehe). That 56W i...

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