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Resolved! Calorie count display

Hi, I have a series 8 watch and all health connections enabled but no calorie count is showing up on my Strava when I run, can someone advise?

Resolved! Navigation with Garmin Edge 1040

I'm not sure how important navigation is to many on here, but I recently upgraded from an Edge 520 to the Edge 1040, and the navigation capabilities are so much better... it even alerts to upcoming dangerous (tight) corners! If I can muster the energ...

Resolved! Apple Watch Synch Issue

Hi there, I’ve tried the steps in the article here. Something weird I noticed is that I managed to get the 4 runs I did in Dec imported. However, I can’t seem to get my 1st Jan 2023 run sync to the the app. Is there a bug or is there something that I...

Alv by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Whoop posting to strava even though disabled

Help! I disabled my connected between my Whoop and Strava because whoop was creating a duplicate post from my strava activity. Even though disabled as a strava integration, whoop is still pushing to my strava activity timeline. Has anyone else had th...

Savvy by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava not opening on new iphone

Help please : I have just purchased a new iphone,  I added all the Apps etc inc Strava and now cant open the Strava as my email is no longer available ! So cant add a new e-mail as it asks for password etc. Devastated at the moment. My old phone stil...

PeterT by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Samsung Health activities all synching as RUN

I have an issue, and I dont know if it is the right place to discuss it.  - All my activities from Samsung health are syncing to Strava as RUN. It could be Swimming, walking etc., still going to Starava as RUN.  Is anyone having the same problem? And...

Resolved! App for android 5.1.1

I uninstalled my app because I had no sound when using it. Unfortunately, I can't reinstall it from google play store. Someone can help ?

Han by Mt. Kenya
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