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Resolved! Strava on Galaxy watch 5 pro

Hi, I have just purchased a new Galaxy watch 5.  I have tried using the Strava app on the watch when i bike to work. It seems to record this ok, but when i look at the ride on my phone or website it does not show the time taken. If i go into the ride...

Carterdj by Shkhara
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Strava cyclocomputer pairing

Hi,is there any way to make Strava speed calculations accurate 100%? I was thinking about pairing Strava with some cyclocomputer that uses a classic magnet piece attached to the spoke. However, after my research, I found that Strava can be paired onl...

Chillyzi by Mt. Kenya
  • 7 replies
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Resolved! segment

after downloading the activity to the diet, the segments are displayed, according to the KOM time, but they are not entered in the table of the best and no one else can even see the segment, how is this possible??

vlasta by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava heart rate tracking - Samsung

Hi all, I have a Samsung S21 Ultra and a Samsung Glaaxy Watch 5 Pro. I'm trying to understand when Strava should be capturing my heart rate info when tracking a run.Tracking via Galaxy Watch 5 Pro ️ : when I trigger my excercise recording via the Str...

Resolved! Wear OS Strava app external HRM option.

Hello, There is no option for Strava Wear OS app to connect external HRM. Why there is such thing on Apple Watch and not on Wear OS. Google Fit also has support for external HRM, but sync with strava gets data messed up. So I rather use native Strava...

LazyGYM by Mt. Kenya
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Crazy intervals with Apple Watch Ultra

I've just started using the Apple Watch Ultra and its Workout app to record my runs, and I'm getting very mixed results with intervals. The other day, I did a simple fartlek run—1:05 on, 1 off, 12 reps—and everything imported just fine. Today I did a...

Resolved! How to share some activities and not others?

Hello, I have a Polar Vantage V2 that synchronize and share all my activities on Strava. It works like a charm. However, I would like to share some activities (for example: running) and not others (for example: swimming). In Strava's settings, it see...

alex_ by Mt. Kenya
  • 2 replies
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Apple Watch Lap markers

I've noticed annoying issues with Apple Watch run workouts and Strava. If I set alerts (i.e. pace range alerts etc...) for a custom apple watch run workout. Strava interprets each alert as a new lap. This feels like a bug, has anyone else had the sam...

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