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Crazy intervals with Apple Watch Ultra

Mt. Kenya

I've just started using the Apple Watch Ultra and its Workout app to record my runs, and I'm getting very mixed results with intervals. The other day, I did a simple fartlek run—1:05 on, 1 off, 12 reps—and everything imported just fine. Today I did a 10-minute warmup, a 6-mile steady state, and a mile cooldown—all built as a single Custom Workout, and the middle section came in as literally 100 segments, some of them as short as 15 seconds. 

I don't know if this is an Apple problem or a Strava problem, but it's a pretty weird one! Any insight here?



@Scout provided an update here.

Mt. Kenya

I have exactly the same problem and run the latest version of Strava and iOS:

I can confirm that I have a target pace range activated and as soon as I am inside/outside my range it records a new split in Strava. Very annoying and making this feature useless. As a paying customer I hope this gets fixed soon.




What I’ve noticed is that if I record a Pacer run, Strava reads a new Lap/Split every time I go over/under my target pace. This can result in dozens of Laps/Splits in Strava if I run somewhere around my target pace. Or a 20s split at the beginning while I’m getting started, followed by a 1-hour split faster than my target pace.

Meanwhile, Apple’s Fitness app always shows a split at every mile.

I use a third-party app to export FIT files from the Workout app and into Strava, but I don’t imagine that would make much difference vs. using the Strava app to import directly. Strava just needs to adjust the way it reads FIT data from the Workout app.

Mt. Kenya

Experiencing the same (frustrating) problem. 

Once exported to Strava, scheduled intervals recorded with the native Workout app just don't make any sense and are utterly USELESS. How is such an incompatibility possible between such renowned companies in their own field? 
The Apple Fitness app correctly displays these intervals, so why can't Strava?

Mt. Kenya

Hi Jane,

I am (and have been) using the most up-to-date version of the app—I have auto-update on. Was this issue fixed in the update that came out 4 days ago?


Moderator Moderator

Hello @worldmatt 

Thanks for posting about this.  Could you check your Strava App and confirm you're on the latest version available?  If you're not, please update your App.  

If this issue continues and you are on the latest version of the Strava App, please let me know.  Thanks so much.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

I’m experiencing the same thing. Using the latest version of Strava as of today (v315.0.0). Here’s what my intervals look like


meanwhile they look correct in the Apple Fitness app.