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It looks like you're using a browser that Strava no longer supports.

Mt. Kenya

Hi, i have problems with my strava on PC/Web.. 

it always fails to display the page perfectly in the last 5 days, I've tried using chrome, incognito, and firefox all of them can't display it. One of the info on the page says: "It looks like you're using a browser that Strava no longer supports." I've checked my chrome version, it's the latest version.
is there anyone who can help me?


Moderator Moderator

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to provide an update on the issue and ask for your help.  Just to clarify, I'm referring to the issue where some Strava pages won't load on the web it you're using a VPN.

Our Engineers are investigating and are looking for more information from anyone experiencing this.  If you have time and are interested in helping us troubleshoot this further, please let us know what IP address you're using by following the steps below.

  1. Connect your VPN and confirm the issue has returned
  2. Go to and search "What's my IP Address"
  3. you should see your current IP address displayed

Important - please do NOT reply to this thread with that information.  For privacy and security reasons, we ask that you open a Support ticket with us and send us the IP information that way.   In the Support ticket, please ask that your ticket be directed to Sheila.  

Additionally, if you can include some screenshots of the failed pages, including the URL in the web address bar, that would be tremendously helpful.

Thanks so much.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Whatever fix may have been completed has resolved this issue, and my login works correctly with VPN on.  Thank-you!


I have used multiple browsers (Edge and Brave) and cleared caches.  Also turned VPN on and off.  This was sudden and everything was fine before with VPN and the same browsers.

Me too, I keep getting a classic list men and nothing works properly. I'm on Windows 10 using Chrome or Firefox. I think it might be due to the latest Windows 10 cummulative update that loaded a few days ago. Could be the usual Windows cluster bomb that will atke 6 months to resolve.

Unless STRAVA became incompatible with Windows overnight.  

Moderator Moderator

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for posting here and sharing your experiences with Strava working inconsistently through VPNs.  We're currently troubleshooting this and are looking for more information.  Can you reply here and let me know if you experienced the problem only on or was it across the whole Strava site?  

Thank you!

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hello Jane, this is Geoff in Belgium. 

I'm having the same problem, that is all the text is there, but the cascading stylesheets would seem to be not uploading. 

I'm using Chrome, Windows 11. My wife has a new laptop, same apps, and Strava works perfectly. 

Thank you for your help.

This continues to be a problem, but I can view the site as normal after a restart, cleared cache, and no VPN.  The site worked fine with VPN until a week or so ago.

The whole strava site to me, but in parts.

I could not see any 'maps' for those I follow in my activity feed., it would just show an icon.  However if I clicked on the activity it would display.

I cound not view the link for 'My Activities', training Calendar, freshness-Fitness.  It would display some of the headings of the page but none of the detail in the list box or calendar objects.

Mt. Kenya

Strava has started blocking VPN users.  My guess is that when it became widely known that Strava's prices vary greatly from country to country, users started using VPN's to sign up from lower priced countries.  Once again, no communication from Strava.

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