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It looks like you're using a browser that Strava no longer supports.

Mt. Kenya

Hi, i have problems with my strava on PC/Web.. 

it always fails to display the page perfectly in the last 5 days, I've tried using chrome, incognito, and firefox all of them can't display it. One of the info on the page says: "It looks like you're using a browser that Strava no longer supports." I've checked my chrome version, it's the latest version.
is there anyone who can help me?


123 Im back in the room lol............FIXED IT.........Turned of my Norton VPN setting......and STRAVA was back to Normal , Turned VPN back on in Norton and its still working..........Give it a try

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Oh.. and all my other web sites work fine under the same browser on same PC.... Strava works on chrome for me on an older PC.

It is probably a setting or something somewhere.. but I can't seem to find anything and don't know how to diagnose.

The same all my other sites are fine and STRAVA works on my wife's desktop .........Ive not changed out in the way of settings on my comp so no idea what Im looking for  ARRRRRRRRRR


Ive EXACTLY the same problem as well for 3-4 days  ....I use fox and its all ways been ok ....but tried Bing, chrome all latest up to date versions and non display the page properly ....Below is what I get......Works fine on the phone.....IS DRIVING ME MAD ....Not made any changes to my computer etc etc


Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 10-14-32 Log In Strava.png

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Hello @pwrmaenps 

Thanks for posting about this and sorry to hear of the issue.

Thanks for sharing that you're getting a message about Strava supported browsers, but based on what you've described, it doesn't sound that that's the root of the problem.

Did anything change in your local computing environment?  For example, did you make changes to your display or other settings?  Have you changed any Javascript or cookie settings?  If you can describe a bit more about how the page is displaying incorrectly, that might be helpful.  


Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team