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Nike Run Club + Apple Fitness + Strava Integration Issues

Mt. Kenya

I am a Nike Run Club (NRC) user and get most of my running workouts from the NRC app.  I also have an apple watch and use the Apple Fitness app.  My NRC account, Apple Fitness account, and Strava account are all conveniently connected so that when I do a NRC workout, it automatically uploads to Strava and also gets recorded on my Apple Fitness app, which I love.  The problem is that Strava also uploads the same NRC workout onto Apple Fitness, so each workout I do gets recorded twice on Apple Fitness.  Any suggestions on how to correct this?  I still want my Strava and Apple Fitness accounts to be connected so that if I do a workout outside of NRC, it still gets automatically shared between Strava and Apple.


Moderator Moderator

Hi @flamingo23 

Thanks for posting about this. I checked with the Apple Watch experts on our Team - one workaround might be to disable your NRC workouts from syncing to Apple Health, since the activity data is being synced to Health from Strava. 

Let me know if that helps. If that doesn't seem a workabout solution, you could just delete the duplicate activity from Apple Health. I realize that's not ideal. In the case where you're using multiple devices/platforms these kinds of scenarios sometimes pop up.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team