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(RESOLVED) Error message (non-null is null) when attempting to sync activities on Wear OS app

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Sync of walk between Galaxy Watch 4 (Wear OS) and Samsung S21 failed. Fresh installs on both the phone and watch.



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Hi All 👋!
Thanks for your patience and sorry about the issues.

You can try the steps @TheFostah noted which resolved the issue without losing any data:

Open Strava on watch, sign out, and sign back in and it should ask you to grant it permission again.

If this doesn't work for you, our team has pushed a fix and you will need to do the following:

1. delete the Strava application from your watch
2. Power your device off for 10 seconds
3. turn your watch back on and reinstall the Strava application (v1.39).

Unfortunately, this will discard any pending activities that have not yet synced to your account but will remove the error and new activities should sync over again. If you have issues after doing the above, 
please submit a support ticket. If you have trouble with our online form, you can send an email to Please direct your email to the attention of Jimi. 

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Mt. Kenya

same issue Galaxy watch5

Mt. Kenya

Same problem here

Fix is to unintall the app on your watch 

I did. That doesn't fix the issue.

No Even though uninstall and install again, cannot fixed

Mt. Kenya

I've lost my last 3 activities due to this error. I'm on a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and a Galaxy S23 Ultra. 


For me what worked was logging out multiple times on the watch and logging in again. The time it worked was logging out on the watch, turning off the watch, turning the watch on again and then logging in. Then it got synced.

Worked for me as well by:

  1. Log out of Strava on the watch
  2. Turn off watch and wait 30 seconds
  3. Turn on watch
  4. Open Strava -> prompts to accept terms of service
  5. Sync data. No data lost.

Worked for me too! 


Also, your "Submit a Request" feature doesnt even work on the website using my desktop.  When I click on Submit a Request, it opens a useless chat box and asks you to type a question.  Anyone else having the same issue?