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Samsung Health keeps disconnecting from Strava Service


Hello, My Samsung Health app connection to Strava service keeps disconnecting from time to time

This is very annoying and is reported by many users since 2021, someone can find a fix please?



Mt. Kenya

same here on galaxy watch 5. workouts I record with the strava app on the watch will show up in Samsung health but often my workouts done with other devices like my phone and a heart rate monitor etc won't sync back from strava to samsung health because the connection always automatically disconnects. 

Mt. Kenya

I have a very similar issue. This has been happening periodically now for a year or so. I use Samsung health synced to my strava account several times a week, mostly for walks and cycling.

Periodically the sync over to strava breaks and there are 3 scenarios that then happen.

1 - I just toggle it back on in samsung health / settings / services and all is well again

2- As above but I also have to log back into strava again - but then it's fine

3 - the login to strava doesn't work and it goes onto a full login process with 2 factor authentication. (Which i don't actually need to do with strava normally) If this happens, i know it isn't going to work. And also I can be logged in just fine to strava at the same time, but it makes no difference.

Usually a few days later it just corrects itself and its all fine again for a while.

I am currently locked out having had a walk one morning a week ago that did sync but my afternoon cycle didn't sync and the login process was back to not working - scenario 3. This is about the fourth time this has happened and its getting pretty annoying. I'm not exactly an elite athlete but I am using this to track my exercise regime following a heart attack, so it's important to me.

My take is samsung and strava know about this glitch. There is too much about this online and the fact that it just mysteriously rights itself without action by me other than constantly trying to log back in over and over again says to me there is an update happening somewhere that sorts it out. This has to be a software problem, surely.

Hi I have solved the problem, I use the health sync app. It sends my data from Samsung to strava perfectly.  I would give it a try, I gave disconnected steava and Samsung in Samsung health .

Mt. Kenya

Same issue with me using the Galaxy watch 5 to record my runs. I connect to strava through Samsung health then after a few day it disconnects and you have to re connect again. No sure if it's Samsung or Steava causing the problem. 

Mt. Kenya

I am having the same issue.  Sometimes even once reconnected my Samsung health activity still doesn't sync.

Mt. Kenya

Same issue for me. 

Mt. Kenya

Hello, the same old-recurring-issue-with-no-fix-so-far here. I really don't know what communities are for other than checking suggestions for improvements or needed fixes, sending them to the developers and implementing them.

Moderator Moderator

Hello @Jmmol  and @GravityMsc 

Thanks for your replies.  I'm going to ask you both to submit a ticket to our support Team so we can work directly with you.  

Please submit a support ticket and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

Jane (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Tried to contact strava.... biggest waste of time ever.