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Starred Segments not showing on Garmin Edge

Mt. Kenya

Hi guys 'n gals, I really hope you can help me with this one as it is still causing me problems.

There are a number of routes that when I go out and ride the starred segments don't show on my Garmin Edge. I have tried removing them, and then adding them again, but this doesn't help. 

I am able to add new segments which appear like as normal, it's just a lot of my favourite segments I've had from the beginning no longer show -  it's harming my ride experience. 

I  really hope someone has a solution to this problem.

Many thanks in advance of a reply.

Kind regards, Chris.


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👋 @Chris_R@planchee@Velocipede@Bartek
Checking in on this post. If you are still seeing this issue, please submit a support ticket and direct the support ticket to the attention of Jimi. Please include any info you think would be helpful (device model, version, links, screenshots, etc). This will help to further investigate this issue. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

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Hello @Chris_R -- thanks for posting this question about your starred segments.
Are you consistently not seeing the same (old) starred segments appear in your live segments view or do they occasionally show up?
Garmin devices can hold up to 100 segments. If you have over 100 starred segments, you’ll see what you starred most recently (which explains why the new ones appear as normal).
We recommend unstarring the old segments, resyncing your Garmin to Garmin Connect, then starring them again and resyncing one more time. For more information please see our article on Strava Live Segments on your Garmin. Please let me know if this helps!

Hi @Soren ,

I am having this issue as well. Starred segments (with +ve grades) show up on the Garmin and will work when free-riding, but if following a route, many will not work. From what I can tell, the ones that do work are segments that are listed under the elevation graph on the Route details page on Strava. But I have no idea how Strava selects which segments to show on this page. It is a very limited and seemingly random set of segments out of all the segments that are actually covered by the route (and includes downhill segments). And starring segments does not mean they will show up in the list. There are many posts on various threads about this issue, and I have yet to see a solution. Your recommendation to unstar the old segments, resync the Garmin, re-star segments, and resync does not work. Following routes and using live segments are two of the key features for paying members of Strava. It should not be so hard to do both at once!

Hey @Rdhb
Sorry for the trouble; please submit a support ticket and direct the support ticket to the attention of Jimi. Please include any info you think would be helpful (device model, version, links, screenshots, etc). This will help to further investigate this issue. 

Scout (she/her)
STRAVA | Community Hub Team

Hi @Scout , thanks for your response, but you use the same default reply to everyone in this thread, and nothing changes. There have been complaints about this issue on various forums going back over 3 years to when Garmin released their Garmin Connect API. There is clearly some problem with the way Strava and Garmin are communicating information about starred segments and routes with each other (this issue doesn't happen with Wahoo), but nobody at either company seems to think it is important enough to deal with. I have filed a support ticket.

Hi Soren, sorry for the delay in my reply but I was on holiday, and also spending time on the trainer. Despite following the steps you suggested (and after riding the segments) sadly this has failed to rectify the problem.

Please can you advise any further steps I could take? 

Kind regards,