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Run uploading but not showing on stats

hey guys! I just ran a long run and uploaded it from Garmin connect. It usually works fine but the run is not connecting to the stats on my profile. I checked to see it's visibility ect n it says it was fine- anybody else had this?  Thank you!

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Resolved! Fitness score

I don't understand the fitness score. If I do a very hilly slow run, then my fitness score only goes up by 1. The same distance on flat tarmac at average pace, my fitness score goes up far more. It doesn't appear to take account of elevation gain or ...

Dsimmons by Mt. Kenya
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Strava extension app - My workout companion

Hello everyone, I am a huge Strava fan and in order to get more detailed overviews of workouts data I have developed an extension app for Strava which offers additional analytics, visualizations and summarizations of your workouts. It was built to sa...

MyWorkoutCompnionHome.png MyWorkoutCompnion12Mobile.png MyWorkoutCompnion13Mobile.png
matejl by Shkhara
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2023 New York City Marathon Recap

If you haven't heard, the 2023 NYC Marathon took place on November 5, 2023 and it was an exciting one. A total of 51,402 runners participated in the event. Coming out of Addis Ababa Ethiopia, Tamirat Tola took home the 1st place finisher in the men's...

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Bryant by Moderator
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Resolved! Running for Nature

Hi all  Killerton here, we're a National Trust property in Devon, UK. We're lucky to have thousands of hectares of green space, teeming with public footpaths, roads, and bridleways. We can see from Strava heatmaps that our space is being enjoyed by r...

Resolved! Connecting activities

HiCould Strava make it easy to connect activities. E.g I went for a ride on Saturday but while I was having a cuppa at my favourite cafe my Garmin watch stopped saving that part of my ride. I continued on realised my watch had stopped so re started i...

Bill by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava showing wrong time ?

Hi everyone, I'm new here ! A friend of mine ran a race yesterday and unusually for the first time Strava added 1hr10mins to the recording ? She had switched the watch timing off after crossing the line - others running with her did not have this. Sh...

Reflections of a Runner (Running Philosophy Book)

Hi all, I wrote a book called  "Reflections of a Runner:  365 Verses from the Heart"Strava helped me write this book because I use Strava like a journal for thoughts. I took my Strava posts that were reflections/poetry and combined them together into...

Shant by Denali
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