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Resolved! Connecting activities

HiCould Strava make it easy to connect activities. E.g I went for a ride on Saturday but while I was having a cuppa at my favourite cafe my Garmin watch stopped saving that part of my ride. I continued on realised my watch had stopped so re started i...

Bill by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava showing wrong time ?

Hi everyone, I'm new here ! A friend of mine ran a race yesterday and unusually for the first time Strava added 1hr10mins to the recording ? She had switched the watch timing off after crossing the line - others running with her did not have this. Sh...

Reflections of a Runner (Running Philosophy Book)

Hi all, I wrote a book called  "Reflections of a Runner:  365 Verses from the Heart"Strava helped me write this book because I use Strava like a journal for thoughts. I took my Strava posts that were reflections/poetry and combined them together into...

Shant by Mount Logan
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Half marathon tips?

Hi, I’ve just started to take running seriously this year and I’m June I ran my first 10km in 1 hour 15 mins. That’s the longest I’ve ever run but I have now signed up for a half marathon for December. Does anyone have any tips at all for a beginner?...

Resolved! Traveling overseas.

I live in NZ and will be in Brisbane/Gold Coast for a week. Do I have to do anything to my account so that my Fenix6X Pro and Strava will "talk" with each other! Or does it just stay the same?

N1Chef by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Still some bugs for local legend

Hello,updates for local lengend are not made automaticaly. by going to the segment page, the update is made, so it's better than at the start of the problem a few weeks ago.but the update is not made in one case : when nobody is local legend before i...

no by Mt. Kenya
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