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Resolved! Don't receive heart rate data from activities API

Hi there!I'm retrieving my latest run with the following endpoint: /athlete/activities and then the method "getLoggedInAthleteActivities". This works well, but I don't get the same response as the sample response given there. I don't get anything bac...

Missing Club Data

I have been using Strava API to extract club data to collect data from 2024 from all members. Because the club was made in December 2023, I was originally got some data from 2023, which I excluded through ignoring the first 40 runs.Since then, when I...

Set activity privacy and map visibility via API

I think API write access for Activity privacy settings would be a useful addition to Strava because this would allow users to configure third-party apps to manage their Activity privacy settings with greater granularity than Strava offers through its...

Resolved! Data analysis app

I have developed a webapp ride analysis using advanced ECP-ExRec models. ECP = Extended Critical Power, ExRec = Acute anaerobic Exhaustion and Recovery.In this stand-alone app, the athlete browses for and uploads his data file in .fit formatI would l...