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Calories Burned API Call Discrepancy

Calories burned is available when using the getActivityById call but not when using the getLoggedInAthleteActivities call. I am using the API to generate a dataset with ALL of my Strava activities and having calories available for the historic datase...

Resolved! Help with GET /activities/{id}

Hi all, Wondering if there is any help on what I might be doing wrong, I am building an app and have implemented the OAuth with the following scopes when i user signs in and adds the app. The scopes are read, activity:read, activity:read_all and acti...

Missing Club Data

I have been using Strava API to extract club data to collect data from 2024 from all members. Because the club was made in December 2023, I was originally got some data from 2023, which I excluded through ignoring the first 40 runs.Since then, when I...

RobWaugh by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Track workouts on Strava (in-app or with API)

Hello there! I am working on an integration from my favorite fitness and workout tracking app, named Strong. It is focusing on gym workout, something Strava does not seem to support as of right now at all. I already built an MVP which is working and ...

Lyro by Mt. Kenya
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Display map for real activity

Hi Developers,        I am want to show static image for the path of the activity done by strava users. Through strava api I get two polylines one is for summary and other is complete. Now how can I show the path using mapbox as I have used static ma...

updateActivityById - Resource Not Found Error

Hi, I'm trying to update an activity using the endpoint updateActivityById with a PUT request in Python. However, I'm consistently getting a "Resource Not Found" error. Here's my code: def update_acti(idd): activity_write_read_all_token = *** ...

eioaa by Mt. Kenya
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Show activity steps from tcx file

Hello!Since a while ago, as indicated from support, Strava allows to show the steps taken in walking or hiking activities is limited only to some devices, but it could b...

juanro49 by Mt. Kenya
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