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API : filter athlete activity by type

Hi everyone, I’m working on a little dashboard to do some stats on my « bicycle to work » activities (i.e. global distance, fuel not used, etc) and I was wondering if there is a way to add a parameter to the getLoggedInAthleteActivities request so it...

Resolved! Activity leaderboard end point?

Hi, I am new to Strava API development. I found examples of getting the segment leaderboard on the internet, but it's not in the API documentation and my code never returns anything so I am guessing those don't exist anymore. Any pointers? I would li...

How to get end date or calculate end date

Hi everyone! In the getActivity api response there is only start_date and no end_date. Currently I need to know the time when the most users finish their activity. i want to know exactly total time from start to end activity (moving time, elapsed_tim...

cris by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Track workouts on Strava (in-app or with API)

Hello there! I am working on an integration from my favorite fitness and workout tracking app, named Strong. It is focusing on gym workout, something Strava does not seem to support as of right now at all. I already built an MVP which is working and ...

Lyro by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Upload tcx file with mute

Is it possible, by using either website or the API, upload tcx activity but mute it? I have a files from Endomondo, but I don't want to spam my followers with tons of activities

dwozn by Pico de Orizaba
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