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Set activity privacy and map visibility via API

I think API write access for Activity privacy settings would be a useful addition to Strava because this would allow users to configure third-party apps to manage their Activity privacy settings with greater granularity than Strava offers through its...

Resolved! Data analysis app

I have developed a webapp ride analysis using advanced ECP-ExRec models. ECP = Extended Critical Power, ExRec = Acute anaerobic Exhaustion and Recovery.In this stand-alone app, the athlete browses for and uploads his data file in .fit formatI would l...

Unable to change gear for an activity via API

Hi! I have a problem with my Telegram bot which uploads activity files to your Strava accounts.I've made it so you first publish the activity through the bot, and then you can change it's name/description/type etc.And here lies the problem: when the ...

API endpoint to share an activity

Hello,I would want to implement a feature in my app that would allow athletes to share their activity to other accounts automatically based on the activity title. However I was disappointed to see that there is no endpoint on the open api for that. I...

Vico by Shkhara
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Resolved! deleting activity automatically

I encountered a 404 while attempting to fetch an activity after getting a webhook request for creating an activity. I observe a pattern that occurs when creating an activity and it automatically deletes an activity that has a small time difference, I...