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Resolved! Email missing in the athlete profile.

I called Strava API to connect the athlete with my app, I need some required information about the athlete. Email is the first priority of them, but I can't see the email of the athlete. I already tried with the all of scope but still I don't see the...

using api, can get stats but not activities

Trying to set up a web page for my sister-in-law, using my own python code and web page as a template.I can get her stats ok, but I get a 401 error returned when I try to get her activities. At the bottom of this message is what I get returned when I...

Sue by Mt. Kenya
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How to get all segments from a Route in the API?

Hello all,  In our cotacol (Belgian) app, we are leveraging Strava Segments so our members can "collect" different hills in Belgium.  Those hills match one:one with a Strava Segment.  Now, I am building a functionality, so that users can select one o...

Cotacol by Mt. Kenya
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API Registration Issues

Hi! I have been trying to set up an API that will extract activity data based on dates. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing issues with the API registration.I have been following the guide (in the api guidelines) step by step but I keep coming to...

Update Activity RPE via API?

Hi everyone!  I am somewhat familiar with Strava's API both directly via HTTP and with the Python Stravalib library through my visualization app Heatflask ( (Client ID 12700) which I has been running since 2016.   However I ...

bfef by Shkhara
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Webhook requirement for mobile apps?

On the getting started guide in the section F. Why do I need webhooks? it states: "Per our API terms, you need to implement webhooks to know when an athlete has deauthorized your API application" What about mobile only applications? We're building a ...

brianp by Mt. Kenya
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Can't authenticate first login request

import requests def get_strava_profile(access_token url = "" headers = {"Authorization": f"Bearer {access_token}"}   response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)   if response.status_code == 200: return respons...