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Resolved! invalid token exchange authorization codes?

So 99% of the time my token exchange process works just fine, but occasionally Strava responds with a "Bad Request" message.I've confirmed that each authorization request is accepted, and I receive a query string formatted as expected, looking like:"...

Cyril by Shkhara
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Wrong lap start_indexes and end_index

Hi, API sends strange laps data via getLapsByActivityId  for short activities (less than 5km) with incorrect start_index and end_index of each lap.For example, lap is equal 1km.API for it returns...

Aleksey by Mt. Kenya
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Health/ Fitness reading incorrect times

I noticed a 44-minute activity recorded on Strava shows up as a 3-hour activity on my iPhone's fitness app. I suspect it might be due to the Strava API sending out an incorrect "end time." I noticed that the fitness app displays the recording time, b...

vargava by Mt. Kenya
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Issue with Strava Webview for external links

Hi,I created a Strava plugin and am facing a severe issue related to open external links.The Strava Webview has some limitations that make the user experience very bad.Main issue: The scrolling behavior has a severe problem, especially scrolling down...

Resolved! Timezone bug in this Portal

When typing a message, you get a message saying "Your content was auto-saved at x". The time here however is not using the user timezone. For example, I'm currently in Europe/Amsterdam (UTC+2) at 13:28 local time, but the message says "04:28 AM".

Strava Source

When you visit and sign in, you can view (and download) Strava's source which is not minified.Their custom @strava Components are also shipped with the source.Interesting bit of knowledge and some good reading! 

huzi8t9 by Mt. Kenya
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Upload via api skips elevation computation

Good morning,I have a question about activity upload via api.I have a TCX file built manually, thus not coming from a device like Garmin. This file contains elevation data (<AltitudeMeters>...</AltitudeMeters>).If I try to upload this activity via ap...