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Resolved! Can't find segments

Hello everyone, I'am discovering the Strava API and i have already an issue with the fonctionnality "explore segments"This is my code :http get "[48.750242,5.116399597167978,48.79404419496171,5.21...

osco55 by Mt. Kenya
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access to Live Segments API

Hello,in the first line of the following link it is mentioned that:"Strava Live Segments is an API that allows users to compare their real time effort with Strava segment efforts on the...

d_albert by Mt. Kenya
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How to get all segments from a Route in the API?

Hello all,  In our cotacol (Belgian) app, we are leveraging Strava Segments so our members can "collect" different hills in Belgium.  Those hills match one:one with a Strava Segment.  Now, I am building a functionality, so that users can select one o...

Cotacol by Mt. Kenya
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API : Segment Leaderboards and Efforts

Is there a way to retrieve leaderboard results for all athletes in a specific segment? I'm getting {"message": "Forbidden","errors": []} even though I'm a subscribed user. Also, I'm not sure if the segment_efforts feature only shows my own efforts ...

a_R12 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Activity leaderboard end point?

Hi, I am new to Strava API development. I found examples of getting the segment leaderboard on the internet, but it's not in the API documentation and my code never returns anything so I am guessing those don't exist anymore. Any pointers? I would li...

Resolved! Run Segment Reports based on year.

Back in the day there was a way you could run a report on a specific segment. Then you could pull data say for last year. It would tell you how mine riders and how many attempts. Now I am only seeign the options for Today, This Week, and This month. ...

haywyre by Mt. Kenya
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