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Screen Customization on Watch5

Hello! I've just bought a Samsung Watch 5 and I'm stuck while using Strava App. There is a way to customize the screen fields? I would like to have 2 screens, one with heart and distance and another one with pace and time. I found a tip in another fo...

lnunes by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Galaxy Watch 6 Activity Missing

Hello! I went for a morning run today and my watch recorded the activity via the Strava app on my watch but it never synced to my Strava app on my phone. Under the Strava settings on my watch it says that there are no activities that haven't been syn...

Mias by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Cannot use strava at all on galaxy watch 5 pro

I am not able to get past what's shown in the picture below. The strava app always opens to that on the watch, even after re-installing. When I click sign in on phone, nothing happens, on the phone and the watch. I've given permissions for everything...

JJ_jnr by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava doesn’t synch with Samsung Health

I have a Samsung S22 phone and now I bought a Galaxy Watch 6. I was using a Garmin watch to synch my running to Strava and no issues. So I followed the steps to connect Samsung Health to Strava: logged in Samsung Health and went to settings and added...

Neuza by Mt. Kenya
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Unable to reinstall app

Hi, I need some help and don't know the best way to ask. I have the Strava app since 2020, granted on older phones.  Using it till yesterday 30 April 2024. Today I had some issues, so after restarting my phone with no luck.  I uninstalled the app, to...

Pen_G by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Samsung health not uploading to strava

Hi, I have a samsung galaxy watch 5 which I use for trainings swimming and running. I've recently used strava for my activities but swtiched to samsung health a few weeks back. Although I have synced strava on samsung health, whenever I finish a work...

Makamik by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Sync with Google Fit

Google Fit integration does not work at all for me I tried every fixes and workarounds what I found in community posts and help and other articles.    

NJoco by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! strava not syncing to google fit

read all the previous posts.what works?- only after opening an activity on my mobile and editing it will it sync to google fitwhat does NOT work?- recording a new activity on strava using my mobile does NOT sync to google fit- manually adding an acti...

dk82 by Mt. Kenya
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