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Resolved! Training live Synchronisation Apple Watch and iPhone

Hi @ All,I can't find a solution to my problem.When I start a Strava workout on the iPhone, I want it to be displayed on the Apple Watch at the same time.If I start the app on the watch afterwards, it does not synchronize the current live workout. It...

Stampeet by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Help - App and Devices used with Strava.

Think I've got things a little messed up - I use Strava, Apple Watch and a Garmin Edge 530 for my cycle rides but having loads of problems with duplications everywhere. Furthermore - todays ride (on Strava app and website) shows no heart rate data. H...

Resolved! Cycling power import from Apple fitness

Hi, since a couple of months you can sync power meters on the bike to iOS eg Apple Watch. I’m planning to buy power meter pedals and record my power via the Apple Fitness app. Does Strava auto import the power and cadence data once the cycling workou...

Fulumu by Shkhara
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Resolved! Apple Watch didn't record Swim distance or save time

Did an indoor pool swim yesterday. Chose the Indoor Swim mode in the Strava app on my Apple Watch and swam ½ a mile. The watch showed the time passing, but never any distance. When the activity was uploaded to Strava, it only uploaded heart rate, no ...

STL by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Apple Watch App Stops Working after iOS Update

I've been having an odd issue where, after installing any iOS update (i.e. 17.2) on my phone, the Strava Apple Watch app becomes unlinked from my phone and showing that I need to complete setup on my phone.  Uninstalling Strava from my phone (which r...

Resolved! Current Pace

Hi, I am currently training for a marathon and using Strava to track my runs on my Apple Watch. The trouble I am having is that my plan has specific paces it is telling me to run at during my runs, and Strava on my watch during my runs only tells me ...

Resolved! Apple watch to strava

So I will be using an apple watch soon and really want to use apples running interface.  I understand that i can make it automatically sync the apple workout to a strava workout, but will the running route be placed in my strava workout as well? Than...

ebouch35 by Mt. Kenya
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