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Connect Garmin synch

Hi,I find the calories on connect do not synch well into Strava.Ex. Ellipitical calories after editing in Connect ( to synch with Technogym with weight/age data and synch to heart strap should be more accurate )  to then synch to Stara shows the orig...

jsm66 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Profile tab missing

Hello, so whenever I end my workout of my garmin it will sync automatic to strava without any issue but everytime I check “you” menu at strava, the profile tab is missing. The solution that I already did is logout and then login again then profile ta...


Resolved! Swim pace incorrect

Hello - my swim which is imported from my Garmin Forerunner 645 music is being calculated incorrectly by Strava. The pace is showing as 1.59/100m however the lap analysis shows that no lap exceeds 1.55 (see images below). On my Garmin app the pace is...

Screenshot_20230515_215855_Strava.jpg Screenshot_20230515_215913_Strava.jpg
Abi11 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Horsemanship Stopped Loading as Workout

I have been tracking my equestrian activities for several years on Garmin and started to load them as Workouts to Strava about a year ago.   A few days ago, they stopped loading into Strava even though all my other activities (run, walk, bike) still ...

HPHaven by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Starred segments not uploading to Edge 830

Looks like this has been a problem for over a year, Strava says its a "known problem". If that is true its known who's problem it is, Strava or Garmin. Strava's bandaid is to unstar all the segments and sync the device to flush the segments, then re-...

wobots by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Strava segments doesn’t function

Hello, it is been a some month since the live segments doesn’t function anymore in my Garmin edge 520. If I’m racing a segment the Garmin show me that it is started but if I’m going on map page my position isn’t correct and if I go on the page were I...

Enzo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Incorrect power meter data

I have a 4iiii power meter, and i have discovered that there is a discrepancy between the average power i displayed in Garmin Connect and Strava. On my last ride Garmin claimed 223W, while Strava claimed 167W (Not too big numbers... hehe). That 56W i...

Resolved! Strava Live Segments not Showing On Garmin Edge530

Strava Live Segments are not showing up on my Garmin Edge 530. When I look at the course map, I see the segments highlighted in green. But I never get the segment notification.. However all segments were starred and are synced with my Garmin (they ar...