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Resolved! Wrong activity duration on import from Apple Fitness

In the last couple of weeks I've noticed a problem with run data imported to Strava from Apple Fitness. Strava reports the distance correctly, but the time – both elapsed and moving – is too short, so the pace quoted by Strava is too fast. It's not t...

chazzo by Shkhara
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Try looking into YEAR OF SPORT crashes (iphoneXPRO)

Tried several times this week to open my SPORT YEAR 2023 overview. it works the first 5 elements until the strava app crashes and shutdown. after the page „top 3% user“ i guess, that the next following page presents the 1st of my own data, but never ...

JBONT by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! App language changed to Japanese...

After upgrading to IOS 17, my Strava app changed the language to Japanese. I've tried suggestions from this post (making sure the phone language is set to English or changing the default language) but with no luck... how can I fix this?Thanks in adva...

tk1 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Profile tab missing

Hello, so whenever I end my workout of my garmin it will sync automatic to strava without any issue but everytime I check “you” menu at strava, the profile tab is missing. The solution that I already did is logout and then login again then profile ta...


Resolved! Strava & Apple

Hi,I have some questions relating to Strava & Apple Watch/iPhone.Why does Strava have to make everything so awkward? Other, so called lesser apps can turn on the water lock automatically when you start a swim activity, so why can’t Strava?? I’ve noti...

Resolved! Import from Apple Watch

Hello, I’m using "exercises" app on Apple Watch for my swimming sessions. Everything works perfectly, but when I import this one into Strava, it appears but without putting the realised distance...路‍. Does an adjustment have to be made for this to a...

Charly23 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! no audio

Hi,  I want an audio cue after every kilometer I walk. I already set via Record page - Audio Cues - Run Announcements it to kilometer and when I change it to half kilometer I hear a voice as example, but after record a walk, there's no audio cue. Wha...

abebe by Mt. Kenya
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