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Resolved! No more dual uploads from Zwift and Garmin?

I've been dual recording rides on my Zwift Hub One on both Zwift (BLE to an iPad) and my Garmin 840 (ANT+) because Garmin badges help motivate me and Zwift uploads don't count, annoyingly. Until tonight, both Zwift (always first) and Garmin would syn...

heaths by Shkhara
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Resolved! Apple watch to strava

So I will be using an apple watch soon and really want to use apples running interface.  I understand that i can make it automatically sync the apple workout to a strava workout, but will the running route be placed in my strava workout as well? Than...

ebouch35 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Updating Strava Post with Additional Activity Data

I use a Concept 2 rower and a Garmin Vivoactive 4 to record my rowing activities. The watch doesn't record distance. When the rowing activity is complete, it is recorded on Garmin Connect and pushed to Strava. Using the data on the Concept PM3, I mod...

Resolved! Apple Watch isn’t always syncing with Strava

I do several workouts a day most days. Lately I’ve been having issues with Strava syncing all of them. I usually do it shortly after my workout. I’ve been having to manually add my workouts. Notching to fix the issue. There is also no detectable patt...

Resolved! Moving time Apple workout not correct

Hello, I thanks since a few weeks strava doesn’t update the Moving time After sync workout. i use the Apple Watch and the workout running app to record my runs. When i’m done, i open the strava app and sync the workout. After few seconds the run is o...

Resolved! Syncing routes from Garmin to Strava

I have a number of routes on my Garmin 1030+ device that I want to be able to see on Strava. (These appear in my 'saved routes' on the Garmin.) Is it possible to push these to my Strava subscription? And if so, how do I do it?