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Zou leuk zijn voor alle Framerunners dat is ze dit ook goed kunnen registreren via Strava.     

Tinus by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Be Private but still compete for segments

Hello. Wondering if it has ever been suggested to make a way to have your activities be non-public, yet still be able to be part of the leaderboards? A lot of the fun of Strava is segments. I hesitate to not make my activities public because I like b...

Resolved! Segments based on equipment

New to the forum, apologies if this has been asked and addressed already. As a cyclist there are lots of segments around and they're a great goal to aim for. However with cycling would it be possible for segments to be separated, so those on MTB, Gra...

CZ by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! No medals or trophies in the list of segments?

Sorry if this type of post is not allowed or is in the wrong spot. I just joined this forum, because I wanted to express my confusion for why there is no medal image or trophy image when scrolling through an activity’s segments. It just says PR or 3r...

Resolved! creating my own challenge

I am about to celebrate 60 YO, and want to create a challenge for myself (1963km in 60 days) is it possible to create such a challenge on Strava where the app counts my km within the time frame?  Thank you all 

Jonrind by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! KOM Category icons

Please bring back the KOM category icons in the athlete KOM lists.  It was a quick and easy way to see and differentiate actual climbing koMs from flat segments and others.

Quixote by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Competition on Leaderboards

Hello, New to the Community and Subscribed services here. I have enjoyed using Strava for several years now. I have a concern as it has come to my attention that someone in my area is competing for women’s leaderboard results and has recently identif...

SMay by Shkhara
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