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Resolved! Apple Multisport activities showing up as 1 activity

I completed a Bike and Run multisport activity using the apple fitness app. After uploading to Strava it is shown as one continuous activity. I know other smart watches upload as separate activities and would be nice if it was the same with apple fit...

Swheeler by Mt. Kenya
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Understanding AVG Pace

Recently been reviewing my avg pace stats on runs and am trying to understand why often my runs may show a pace of say 3:35m/km while the avg pace will show 7:22m/km. I have tried this several times and with others who did the same runs as me but the...

Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 7.39.47 AM.png Screenshot 2024-06-15 at 7.42.46 AM.png

Reordering profile main activities

Unsure why the default sport selected (running) isn’t the main graph displayed on my profile and is instead something done secondary (weight training). is there an option to customize what is displayed on initial viewing? thanks 

Resolved! Uploading a route from Komoot

I have recently uploaded route that I have recorded on Komoot onto Strava, which works fine, but the total km ridden on the Komoot ride is not adde to my weekly total. Do I need to do anything else?

Resolved! Strava needs longer activity

As of last 14/05/24, I always receive a message on my Android phone" strava needs a longer activity to upload and analyse", no matter if I walk 1 Km or 5,5Km. I tried some suggestions of using sync button, but I could not find it  

Ze by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! No Data Available for Apple Watch 8

Hope this is the right place to post this question.  I have had been using Strava with my Apple Watch for around a yer. I get all the cardio data other than Cardio Recovery. Oddly, I have received data from it on two random occasions, for three compl...

Obvious Missing Features That Annoy Me

Some things that bug me about Strava. Obvious things to add, not sure why they don't? See more than 20 activities at once on Activities page See Pace/Mile on list of activities page Label runs "Boston Running" or "Los Angles Running" like Garmin d...

pjk2001 by Mt. Kenya
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Bug in Create activity using GPX File

When I create and activity with GPX file, it calculates Time and distance itself which looks like total time, no moving time. So each time I do entry using gpx file it shows more time. I'm also sending moving time from here, but it seems strava does ...

image_2023_12_01T11_03_41_327Z.png image_2023_12_01T11_04_14_880Z.png
maria123 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Default Sport

When I go to my profile to set my “Default Sport” under “Display Preferences” it only gives me 2 choices Running or Cycling. I like to Hike as well as walk but these are not options. Seems a bit absurd to me…Am I missing something? If forces me to go...