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Resolved! need help cropping a run

I would actually like to know how to remove an inaccurately recorded part from my route. My Fitbit is linked to my Strava app, but while my Fitbit knows I've stopped, Strava kept recording my drive home after my run.  AKA, I ran 8 miles, not 20.

Babs by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Activities with children

I’d really like to be able to label activities with children (much like shoes or commutes) to give a more accurate picture of speed with and without (and be able to show them how many miles they’ve done in one place)

Resolved! GAP paces

Can anybody tell me why my GAP paces have stopped showing on my runs. I’ve looked through settings but I can’t find an option to turn them on. Thanks in advance

Filgriff by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Which Activity Types Are Separate from Cycling??

It is very confusing, if you record something as a "ride", the stats count in your totals on your profile. If you record as a Run, they show as a Run in totals, if you record as kayaking, it shows as Kayaking... But if you choose related cycling ones...

Resolved! Virtual Ride KOM?

Does anyone know how to post a virtual ride, but not have it count towards the leader board? I did a virtual ride and got a KOM on a section of that ride.  Which doesn't feel quite fair.  Doing it inside isn't the same as being on the actual road.  

TacitusD by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! More accurate location

In Ireland, Strava seems to be using electoral areas to give the location of a run/cycle/etc. In my case, that area is just too large to be meaningful. The electoral area I live in is perhaps 2,000sq. kilometres. Where is this information coming from...