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UI changes in iOS app v. 357.0.0

 It seems that the iOs app got a UI update in the recent version... I've got mixed feelings about that. Overall, it's not bad - not that many aggressively orange elements anymore (e.g. in the splits chart), rather streamlined view of activity details...

Jana_S by Elbrus
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Resolved! Strava taking a long time to load

For about a week now Strava has been taking about 1:30 to even load the app all the way on my Pixel 6a. After a couple taps on the screen then you have to wait another 1:30 for the next screen. I only use mobile data. Before everything was fine. I've...

Josh84L by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Apple Workout triggering STRAVA Beacon

Is there a way to have a STRAVA Beacon started when starting an apple activity? My Garmin Felix automatically sends a STRAVA beacon when beginning a run, so I was hoping this can work with an Apple workout as well. 

Resolved! Feature Request: My Routes Folder System

Aloha from Hawaii! I am a passionate Strava route creator and would love to see a private file system added to the “My Routes” feature of Strava web and mobile. It would simply all subfolders in “My Routes” and allow you to name and assign routes bui...

Resolved! Notifications not showing / app freezing

For days now I can't see my notifications because the page is constantly loading, this is all I ever see! I have uninstalled the app, switched my phone on / off, logged in/ out and nothing seems to help. The app is constantly freezing as's so...

Tess256 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! App not saving map type or commute tag

I've already contacted Strava support about this issue but got nowhere.The the past couple of months the app (android , and yes already uninstalled and reinstalled and still have same issue) randomly will not save map type or commute tag, it will jus...

Tomo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Creating new route on mobile app

Hi I used to create new route on Strava mobile app. But it seems it’s no longer possible. When I go to my profiles / routes, existing routes are displayed, but I can’t find how to create a new one.  I’m using the last app version 309.0.0, and my subs...

Pierre73 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Adding Waytypes and Surfaces to activity description

Hello Everyone,is there some app around which analyses activities uploaded to Strava and adds the waytypes and surfaces ridden/ran in this activity to the activity description?I really enjoy this feature in the Komoot Routeplanner and would like to s...

Maxx by Mt. Kenya
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