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Resolved! Group activity peer activity title missing on android

In the aftermath of a group activity with people not on my feed I enjoy seeing that little title text they have set, if they did not just keep the default. That's often an indication of which activities to take a closer look at (pictures!), and the p...

usr by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Strava App triggered by other apps

Has anyone solution for this unwanted problem with the app on Android? Even if you force stop the app, it will resurrect itself not long after as a background process, always triggered by the opening of an unrelated app!!!??? Quite invasive and worry...

Resolved! Please fix the "Bulgarian" audio cues on iPhone

With the introduction of support for Bulgarian language in iOS 16, Strava application started using a strange set of audio cues. There are some Bulgarian words in it, lots of English words as well, but the pronunciation is usually wrong and based on...

tss by Mt. Kenya
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Strava Live Segments on Rouvy

The introduction of Strava Live Segments to the virtual world on Rouvy is an exciting new opportunity to ride segments at any time of the day, in any weather, and from any location around the world. While only a limited number of routes on Rouvy curr...