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Responsiveness Issue

When viewing activities with long numbers (such as, the text overflows outside the border. See attachment.

Screenshot from 2023-09-20 13-22-41.png

Resolved! Mountain biking goals not updating correctly

In the goals/progress area, my progress toward a mountain biking goal does not appear to update correctly.   It shows progress based on my miles completed several months ago vs miles completed to date.

Sk4467 by Mt. Kenya
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New problems in route creation

It appears there have been some recent changes in routing that have started causing problems for me.Here's one example: can see that instead of simply going straight at the light and crossing the ro...

dantsai by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Power curve issue with 'Last 6 Weeks'

I looked at my power curve comparing 'All of 2022' to 'Last 6 weeks' and discovered that a ride that I did 10 days ago shows up in 'All of 2022' curve, but not in the 'Last 6 Weeks' curve. Is this a bug or is there some logical explanation for it?