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Other Club events

It would be nice to have non-run/non-cycle events for clubs. I have used club events to help organize swim meets, social dinners, and would like to use them for swim/rowing practice / regattas and more. Having more events would help keep people comin...

jleigh by Mont Blanc
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Resolved! Can we have more sports in Clubs

It would be great to be able to select more sports for Clubs. In addition to run/swim/bike, our group paddles a lot, flat and white water. It would be nice to be able to 1- plan for example kayak activities int eh club, 2-have the kayak activities co...

Resolved! Triathlon leaderboard sports stats update

Could be possible to add other kind of sports in the leaderboard stats for Triathlon Clubs? Actually, the leaderboard for Triathlon clubs take only runs, rides, and swims stats into account. It is a pity because triathlete trained as well: fitness, c...

Resolved! Club Events Disappear

I admin clubs that hold Strava events regularly. Problem: Once an event has passed, it disappears from the club page and is no longer linked to anywhere and cannot be found (unless you jotted down the event URL before it disappeared). It would be nic...

Njord by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Activities for clubs only

A cool feature might be to be able to share activities only with clubs or only with certain clubs. Up to now it has only been possible not to release activities, only to release them for followers or for all Strava users. Releasing activities only to...

lxkas by Shkhara
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Resolved! Club issue - unheard-of riders appearing

I have recently noticed an influx of previously unheard-of riders who have appeared in the Club I ride with.  I am not the administrator of the Club, but I thought I would ask the question anyway - "how has this happened, have any other clubs come ac...

PEP by Shkhara
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Resolved! "Maybe" Option to Join an Event

Good afternoon, It would be convenient to have a "maybe" option once a Ride or an event has been created. This would benefit the group community as it would signal who will be joining a ride and who might also be interested in joining.  I appreciate ...