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Auto-Flag blatant vehicle travel rides

Many of the leaderboards for segments in urban areas (especially those next to highways) are riddled with blatant vehicle travel "rides". In nearly every case, a rider neglects to stop recording their ride when they get in the car to drive home. The ...

Resolved! Hello and a Question

Hello everyone, my name is Luciano, brazilian, 49 years old and I'm a road cyclist, eventually a mountain biker. I've been a Strava user since 2014, I started uploading from a Garmin device in 2015. I have a question, see many users who manage to rec...

Resolved! Segment Leaderboard Integrity

I have seen several people raise concerns about integrity of Segment leaderboards, mostly due to the wrong Activity type (using an E-bike on a "ride" or a bike on a "run") or leaving Strava running at the end of an Activity and hence recording a subs...

Ian by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! flag for wrong gender

Hi! I am quite tired of flagging men on the leaderboard who register their gender as woman and get cups and QoMs... it would be great if:- there is an additional flag option indicating "wrong gender type".- when you register with a common male name b...

Erroneous Challenge Leaderboards

Could  I also flag up a (possible) issue with the challenge leaderboards? Some of the challenges seem to have implausible achievements that do not tally with profile data. For example, in the February run climb challenge there are several athletes wi...

mercerkg by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Linking Equipment to an Activity is Too Difficult

I imagine that a large proportion of Strava users have multiple bikes for different types of rides(road, mountain, gravel, Peloton...).  Two key issues.  1) It is far too difficult to assign a particular bike to a ride.   It would of course be ideal ...