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Resolved! FIX - Yearly Elevation Goal

I'm going for a total elevation gained goal for 2024 - across all human powered sports (hike, run, walk, trail run, ride, backcountry ski). This should be covered by the Yearly Elevation Goal on the app, but mine looks wildly off. I think it's includ...

eluke by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! 5K pb not showing

Hi,  I am devastated, pushed myself to get a PB. Strava hasn’t given me anything for it? I didn’t pause I ran through 5k to make sure I went over? My Apple watch is showing a pb In achievements at 5k 22:30 but strava is showing nothing?   

IMG_3101.png IMG_3099.png

Resolved! Different data on total kilometers

I just noticed in my profile that today I made the 6,000 km in the year. BOOM!! When I switched to the dashboard view, I noticed that my annual goal only shows 5,948 km. What is true now? (Sorry for the German screenshots)

cylinder_0-1670416106720.png cylinder_2-1670416176899.png
cy-linder by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Show resting or stops on a ride (activity)

I am interested in analysing my stops post ride. I would like to see where I rested on an activity (this affects your efficiency percentage on long rides such as Audaxes, i.e. ride time vs rest time) This can be where the stop was more than 1 minute...

dkc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Bug: ebike rides do not contribute to personal goals

I'm using multiple bikes, includin an ebike for tracking with StravaUnfortunately the bike distance goals are either buggy or make no sense.Personal bike distance goals do not consider ebike rides. But I can't set a distance goal only for ebike rides...

Silvos01 by Mt. Kenya
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