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Keeping Leaderbords Clean

Strava seem to encourage users to self police segment leaderboards, however this is severely hampered by limits on the number of flags that can be raised on activities.I've tried to raise this issue via the ticket system, but each time my request is ...

willz by Shkhara
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Make Segment Creators Visible (Feature)

Don't you think it would be cool to see who actually created each segment (and to have that person's name displayed on the segment detail page). Strava is about the social connection among users, and this feature would increase that social aspect.A r...

Getting rid of motorbike rides

I ride an e-bike and I often see motorbike rides recorded as an e-bike ride.  They have ridiculous speeds (above 100 km/h) and lead all segments and I'm getting tired of flagging them. It would be great if these were cleaned up automatically based on...

stclaus by Mt. Kenya
  • 15 replies
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e-bike segment/kom

in my opinion it makes no sense to assign the ranking for those who use an e-bike, e-mtb or other electric bikes (I have an e-mtb). The performance is not 100% of the athlete ...

Resolved! Leaderboard reporting

Hi, I have a team challenge which starts tomorrow (1st Sept) but I notice the leaderboard presents/refreshes weekly. Firstly, if I want to take a snapshot of week 1 will I have to manually capture each individual activity or is there a way to pull th...

rickyh-w by Mt. Kenya
  • 6 replies
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Resolved! Segment achievements grouped by wind direction

Could weather data be enlisted to create a new grouping of segment achievements (similar to the age / gender / weight groupings) based on wind direction? Wind assisted PR’s and KOM’s can be impossible to compete with. 

Daan by Shkhara
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! I have completed a gran fondo but no badge?

I achieved a gran fondo cycling on but I do not appear to be recognised for it as completed this month with the GF badge..Is it because of privacy restrictions? Or? I can understand partner challenges not ...

parkrun run type

Hi All and Strava I know there used to be an association between Strava and parkrun. But regardless of the reason for that ending parkrun is a great force for good and encourages people to exercise. My feature request is to have a runtype category of...

SiAdams by Shkhara
  • 3 replies
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