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Resolved! Reordering profile main activities

Unsure why the default sport selected (running) isn’t the main graph displayed on my profile and is instead something done secondary (weight training). is there an option to customize what is displayed on initial viewing? thanks 

Resolved! Pace & distance not tracking during activity

  my distance and pace for some reason isn’t being tracked during the activity. However, when I save the activity leading it to post the run, it then shows the distance I ran and pace I was running at (rest of data). Can someone please help me why my...

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Resolved! Progress not Updating

 My Progress page is not updating. I have tried logging out, restarting my phone, uninstalling the app and nothing is fixing this issue. Applied latest update yesterday. Any ideas on if this is a known issue in latest update?


Strava Communicating with Users

Strava does a LOT of things well.  One area they desperately need to improve upon is communicating with their users.  I have been told by customer support that the developers read and review our ideas, but in my experience, they fail to communicate w...

Resolved! Group Challenges Query and Clubs

Hey, I recently started a group challenge - 90 miles in 30 days - "90 in 30" and a club "Sam B's 90 in 30 Club". I think a great feature would be to able to add/make challenges through clubs, not just events. So for example my club 'Sam B's 90 in 30 ...

SamB3 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Fix the Top Sport algorithm for Year in Sport

The current algorithm that determines Top Sport for Year in Sport is inaccurate. I walked 200 miles this year, and ran 1,800 miles--yet my "Top Sport" is walking. The reason is that my runs are split up between "Trail Run" and "Run" both of whose ind...

Resolved! Export data from Endomondo to Strava

Hello I have big ask to Strava Management. Mayby you can send to them my message.I use strava from 3 years. I'm happy with strava but i have one dream. After the end of Endomodo, i saved all activities in my pc. But i can not export them to strava A...

Endomondo files.jpg
Norden by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Virtual walking feature

I can't find the feature suggestion board anywhere. Sorry.Suggested feature:A lot of people now own walking pads to use when working from home.When I use mine Strava thinks I have been for a run and I can't change it to walking."Virtual walking" as a...


We would like to inform you that Strava's Korean support will end on August 1st. After this date, the default language for web and mobile apps will be set to English. You do not have to do anything to continue using Strava. Please refer to this docum...

indurine by Mt. Kenya
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