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Resolved! Virtual walking feature

I can't find the feature suggestion board anywhere. Sorry.Suggested feature:A lot of people now own walking pads to use when working from home.When I use mine Strava thinks I have been for a run and I can't change it to walking."Virtual walking" as a...


We would like to inform you that Strava's Korean support will end on August 1st. After this date, the default language for web and mobile apps will be set to English. You do not have to do anything to continue using Strava. Please refer to this docum...

indurine by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! More accurate location

In Ireland, Strava seems to be using electoral areas to give the location of a run/cycle/etc. In my case, that area is just too large to be meaningful. The electoral area I live in is perhaps 2,000sq. kilometres. Where is this information coming from...

Resolved! Accessing anonymous Strava data

Hi, I am a Marketing Professor researching on the field of mHealth apps and consumer behavior. I would be very interested in accessing to some anonymous Strava database of people´s activities recordings. Do you have any kind of partnership for that ...

miriam_a by Mt. Kenya
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Add the ability to submit bug reports

It would be great if Strava had an ability to submit bug reports where the submitter would be at least told that the bug has been acknowledged versus ‘works as intended’ or ‘no intent to fix’.  Submitting bugs as ‘feedback’ gives no acknowledgment so...

Eaj836 by Shkhara
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Resolved! Segments

How do you make new segments?  Can you see all of them when you are on the free mode and private?

B-man by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Activities for clubs only

A cool feature might be to be able to share activities only with clubs or only with certain clubs. Up to now it has only been possible not to release activities, only to release them for followers or for all Strava users. Releasing activities only to...

lxkas by Shkhara
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